Control and feedback control systems



In automation technology, physical values, such as pressure, temperature, rotation speed, forces or moments, need to be influenced. There are two different processes to influence physical values, one the control system, the other the feedback control system


As far as the control system is concerned, the target and the routing are preset from the outside. The feedback control system requires only the presetting of the target from the outside, whereas it can regulate its routing by itself so that the target can be reached.


In addition, the system can be carried out in a more failsafe manner. Failsafe systems comprise the protection of man, material assets and the environment. With the increase of automation, the term safety has begun to play a more significant part.


HIT Hafen- und Industrietechnik GmbH has been working for years in the field of control and feedback control technology, offering solutions for a variety of applications, and has turned its experience into a core compentency of the company. In this context, our expertise in the field of flow and pressure regulation of gases is worth mentioning.


HIT is your partner!


As a provider of automation technology and your competent partner we offer you complete solutions in a variety of fields. For this we systematically make use of synergy effects


  • Port technology
  • Oil and gas technology
  • Water technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Recycling
  • Food industry
  • Systems engineering
  • Materials handling
  • Lifting devices
  • Factory automation



It is important for us to design your systems according to your wishes. Our experience allows us to realise elementary controls at a reasonable price, but also to control, regulate and visualise more complex systems.


No matter whether the medium is liquid, gaseous or solid, hot or cold, slow or highly dynamic – we are able to meet your individual requirements flexibly with our highly trained engineers in the fields of electrical engineering, IT and process engineering.